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0.18 releasedPosted by orgin at 20081130 13:49
Main changes

Bugfixing, printing, content ordering page, advanced bbcode parser, active users list, new project threads function, donation consuming and reports, monthly donation targets and statistics and attachment hiding.

Change log:

- Add "_-" as possible characters at login

- Locked threads couldn't be commented by moderators/admins

- Add content page ordering page

- Add ability to print content pages and news items

- Add ability to have space and = in bb url tag parameters

- Add a better bbparser with recursive, table and ul/li support

- Add Active users
- Add project forums

- Fix IE related layout problems

- Add joined date to members list and view profile
- Add report system to ease money transactions after consuming
- Add consume all project donations
- Locked threads could not be read by anonymous users
- Make individual donations consumable

- Add monthly target and monthly statistics for individual projects

- Ability to hide attached files from files lists

Update information:
Several tables have been updated and a few tables has been added, compare the new createtable.sql file with your old one.
New settings/settings.php parameters, compare new settings.php file with your own.
Several new buttons has been added to images/buttons
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