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Welcome to the liquorice bounty engine test site
Created by Björn Hagström

Register or login as testuser/testuser to have a look.

Technical details:
Database schema (Outdated)
Table descriptions

The engine is based on a set of PHP scripts with a mySQL backend.
Read INSTALL.txt in the archive for installation details.
The installer is quite basic at the moment. But it works if used correctly.

Download alpha release, v0.18

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0.18 releasedPosted by orgin at 20081130 13:49
Main changes

Bugfixing, printing, content ordering page, advanced bbcode parser, active users list, new project threads function, donation consuming and reports, monthly donation targets and statistics and attachment hiding.
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0.17 releasedPosted by orgin at 20080820 12:55
Added file attachments and content page directories and fixed a few minor issues.
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0.16 releasedPosted by orgin at 20080722 13:45
Added ability to have forum icons, updated INSTALL.txt and fixed a few minor issues.
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0.15 releasedPosted by orgin at 20080716 23:07
New major alpha release

Main points:

- Forum functionality added.
- Bugfixing (comment preview, html problems etc)
- Cleanup
- forum, message and button images no longer has to be replicated between themes. If a theme does not have a specific image the engine will also look in the image/ directory. (forum,message and buttons sub folders)
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Testing RSS feedPosted by orgin at 20071203 09:23
There is no synopsis really.
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Liquorice bounty engine, Created in 2007-2008 by Björn Hagström